Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stakes for CARB Compliance Grow...

The stakes of CARB emissions compliance in California continue to increase as the organization is drawing more attention to itself...

CARB recently received accolades from global leaders - during a presentation to many attendees from recent G8 Conference about emissions reduction programs.

During this discussion, a Senior Policy Advisor from the US-EPA also projected an 86% decline in black carbon emissions from mobile sources - thanks in part to DPF retrofit mandates like CARB's

This contributes to CARB's reputation as an "opinion leader" on emissions reduction legislation. This recognition provides a platform for politicians in many other municipalities or even countries to use CARB's "success" as impetus to enact environmental legislation of their own. 

For us, CARB's expanded persona and inherent political risk now requires their strict adherence to deadlines and active enforcement of mandates. 

Failing to adhere to their own standards will jeopardize the success of CARB's emissions reduction program and their reputation in front of a now global audience.

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