Thursday, May 16, 2013

Enforcement of diesel regulations continues - CARB settles over $750,000 in fines so far in 2013

According to the CARB website, more than $750,000 in diesel emission-related fines have been settled in 2013, with more still pending settlement. CARB enforcement locations include:
  • CHP weigh stations
  • On-site visits to fleet facilities
  • California border crossings
  • Random roadside locations
Since January, more than 45 companies operating diesel-powered vehicles and equipment have settled their emissions violations with CARB - with an average settlement of almost $17,000.

In addition to the $750,000 in fines settled so far this year, over $2,000,000 in penalties were reported last year and it appears that CARB enforcement efforts will continue for diesel-powered fleets and equipment.

The enforcement efforts at CARB seem to get more stringent as time passes. Based on an official CARB enforcement letter: "non-compliance can result in a DMV registration block on your truck and/or having your vehicle impounded by CHP until it is in compliance."

If you are an equipment owner, this means you should approach your compliance process with a sense of urgency - otherwise your ability to even operate may be affected.

As we've mentioned previously in our emails, it is always a good practice to start your compliance process early, but now it can be crucial to ensuring that you can obtain a CARB compliant DPF in time for your CARB equipment deadline.

As such, I strongly urge you to initiate your CARB compliance process as soon as possible to ensure CARB-compliant DPFs are available to be installed on your equipment.

As always, if you have questions about CARB compliance deadlines, requirements or options to become CARB compliant, feel free to contact us via email or at 800-331-9247 (press 9).